TRILO S12W Vacuum Sweeper


1-Configurator M-S-C line

Basic Model S12W

Basic Specifications

• Box section and C-profiles heavy duty frame

• Trilo centrifugal pump, V-belt driven

• Hard faced fan Ø 960mm assembled in heavy self-aligning bearings

• Required PTO outlet > 52kW (70hp)

• Exchangeable wear-resistant linings in pump housing and exhaust

• Hydraulically adjustable jack

• hydraulically operated rear door

• Container volume 8-20m³ with top exhaust and hydraulic unloading floor.

• Multivoltage (12/24V) LED-trailer lights with 7-pole connector

• Operator's manual, illustrated spare parts list and CE-conformity

About this Configurator

The configurator is designed to fill out all selections fast and easy. With each question click on the tile to select the required option. It will automatically proceed to the next question.

The order of the questions is put in such a way that following questions will be adjusted automatically, leaving out any irrelevant or incompatible options. As a result a succeeding question might have only one option left. In that case this question will be overruled and the only available option will be selected automatically. This is making the configurator very fast and efficient in it's use. It also insures the entire assembly is consistent and valid as well.

If you wish to correct any selection just click to one of the previous steps in the left column. To maintain consistency the succeeding questions need to be filled out again.

The last portion of the configurator requires no filling out at all. It will automatically sort out the remaining items based on the mix of options above. This results in a complete set of items to be able to quote, plan and build effectively according to your wishes.

For visibility the range of options has been grouped as follows:

• 000 - Basic model information

• 100 - Hopper

• 200 - Drive Line

• 300 - Trailer

• 400 - Hood and Wings

• 500 - Suction Hose

• 600 - Other implements and tools

• 700 - Control systems and lighting

• 800 - Paintwork and Certification

• 900 - Concluding details

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